The equity markets keep churning higher in spite of…..

Here’s a partial list, for the faint of heart, of the worries and concerns that have beset individual investors over the last nine years.

Every one of these things were billed by the financial news guys on cable television as “the beginning of the end of the world.”

But we’re still here, and equities are still inching upward.  Will they always?

No, there will be a correction – even corrections.  But the end of the world is a counter-productive idea to invest in.  It’s like living, when there’s nothing wrong with me, as if I will die this week.  And living that way every week. Of course, it’s possible that I will die this week. But living with such negativity, when there is no overt reason for it, is an awful way to live.

And it’s an awful way to invest, too.

Investing that way is like those who think like the chart below.

Think about it.

Have a good summer.  Enjoy the gifts you have been given.  Live with gratitude and hope.  Be a blessing to someone today and every day.

God bless you, my friend.

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