Typically, a good time to be in the market

Welcome to March.

While it may still be blustery outside my door in Indiana, it’s more typically a good time to be in the stock market, where a nice slug of our retirement funds ought to be.  Stocks tend to do well in March and April before going into hibernation from May through October.  That’s the custom, what’s usual.  But every year can, and will, be different.

In fact the best time to be in stocks is the period from Nov. though April.  Except last year!

In what is typically a very strong month – December – we experienced the worst December since the Great Depression, when thousands of banks failed.










This neat chart from Bespoke Investment Group tells us a lot.  Study it for a few minutes.  The next two months look good. We need more healing in stocks after their suicide dive of last Oct. through Dec., when they lost 19.78%.  That’s less than a quarter of a point from having inaugurated a brand-new bear market.  Whew!

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