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18 Suggested Discussion Questions for James O’Donnell

  1. It’s no surprise that many people’s finances are pretty tight right now. Should we even be discussing investing?
  2. So, what’s your point? Why write this book when there are already so many books on investing and money available?
  3. You worked for many years on Wall Street. Tell us a bit about that experience. What happens on Wall Street?
  4. How big of a problem is people’s retirement savings?
  5. So, if there is a problem, why don’t people just fix it?
  6. Why do you think so many people fear words like “stock market,” “investing,” “401K”?
  7. In your book you say that many people don’t realize what it takes to retire and don’t even seem that interested in finding help. Why do you think people are so apathetic about saving for retirement?
  8. Why can’t we rely on Social Security? After all, we pay into it our entire working lives.
  9. What do you recommend people do?
  10. The Shortest Investment Book Ever mentions something about an “asset allocation approach” to saving for retirement. What does that gobbledygook mean?
  11. Does being young or old – far from retirement or close to it, in other words – make a difference in the way we should save?
  12. Your book makes a big deal about the concepts of time, risk, and return. Can you explain each of these areas?
  13. How much should people expect to get from their retirement investments? Can we expect a 20 percent return a year as some people advocate?
  14. What is the difference between a stock and a bond?
  15. Some Christians liken playing in the stock market to gambling. What is your take on this?
  16. Should people own stock in a company that may conflict with their own beliefs?
  17. If you find yourself with financial challenges, should you cash out your 401K or other retirement savings?
  18. What are the two most important issues to keep in mind when setting up your own retirement savings portfolio?

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